Training and Consulting

For manager, owners and hourly employees we offer detailed classes in a variety of subjects.

Coffee 101 – A written course detailing coffee from its origin in the 7th century up to the standards of today.  Coffee growing, processing and roasting are discussed.  Coffee tasting terminology is covered as well as the nuances of single origin coffee versus blends.  The course is fun, interesting and easy to comprehend.
Cost: No charge for our customers

Espresso 101 – This can be conducted in your location or at our roasting facility.  It follows a written outline, but it is almost 100% “hands on”.  The mechanics of an espresso machine, the science and physics of espresso and machine maintenance are covered.  Participants learn to make all of the foundational espresso drinks and how to properly steam milk.  Detailed recipes for each drink are used.  Students emerge from the training with a deeper understanding and appreciation for espresso-based beverages as well as a new level of confidence.
Cost: No charge for our customers

O’Henry’s TBS (Technical Brewing Standards)
– Equipment, and proper use of that equipment, play a major role in turning superior coffee beans into superior brewed coffee.  O’Henry’s TBS system makes that happen.  See our webpage that further describes this unique component of our services.
Cost: No charge for our customers


If your business is still in the early planning stages or you have been open for ten years, we offer services to move you ahead.  Layout, design, equipment, décor, staffing, training, accounting, purchasing and general operations are a few of the areas we have helped in.  Has your business hit a sales plateau?  Do you have labor or cost of sales issues?  We have been featured speakers at SCAA Conventions on these very topics.  Our owner has over 30 years in foodservice experience from coast to coast.

Unlike most roasters, we operate our own retail stores and have 15 years in doing so.  Our team “walks the retail walk” every day.  We have learned what works and what does not.  We can come to you or you can come to our facilities in Birmingham and see how we operate first hand.  Our approach is open, honest, and results driven.
Cost: No charge for our customers