About Us

O'Henry's Coffees not only has 3 retail locations, we also have a wholesale company as well.  It is a sister company that opened in 1995.  Almost from the start, Dr. Henry Bright, O’Henry’s founder, had other retailers asking if he would roast beans for them.  Realizing the potential, he moved the little red roaster out of O’Henry’s to a warehouse area and started a little company called Red Mountain Coffee Roasters.  That company has grown and is now called O’Henry’s Coffee Roasting Company (OCRC).

The same beans that are roasted for the retail side of O’Henry’s are the ones that go to all wholesale accounts OCRC roasts for.  In most cases, the beans are one day out of the roaster when they arrive. 

O’Henry’s sources the top 1% of green coffee in the world.  In some cases, O’Henry’s has purchased the crop of one small farmer.  Not easy, but very worthwhile for both parties.  We pay a premium for premium beans.  This is called relationship coffee.

Our customers represent other coffeehouses, specialty markets, bakeries and restaurants.  We deliver locally in Birmingham and ship UPS to customers outside our area. 

Detailed training for brewing and making espresso drinks is available as well as menu planning and recipe development.  Sourcing and executing programs for baked goods, frozen drinks and desserts is also part of what we do. For soon-to-open-coffeehouses, we assist with design, budgeting, sourcing items, training and more.  We often train our customer’s employees and manager’s right in their own stores.

O’Henry’s roasts from a long list of origins, blends, natural (Swiss Process) decafs, Fair Trade, Organic and Shade Grown coffees.  We also offer a wide variety of flavored coffees.    O’Henry’s Roasting is also a distributor for Ghirardelli chocolate products, Monin flavoring syrups, Oregon Chai and Jet Fruit Smoothie mixes.  We use all of these products in our own retail stores, O’Henry’s Coffees.  In addition, we carry a full line of FETCO and BUNN equipment for brewing, grinding and holding coffee.  

We’ve grown, but we still roast on that original little red roaster and a slightly bigger brother. Both are Diedrich Coffee Roasters.

Small batch roasting makes a difference!


Please call us at 800-867-5097 for further information.